Nepal's Contemporary Top 3 Apps!!!


Every month Appkosh features 3 apps; to start off with, Appkosh wanted to feature top 3 contemporary apps in the Nepalese android market. For the month of March-April, the team went through a series of app evaluations and survey to come up with the best 3 contemporary apps to feature on AppKosh. The evaluations were done by a panel of developers and entrepreneurs considering the apps functionality, design, desirability and overall outlook.

1. Nlocate

If you haven’t downloaded the nLocate app then you are definite...
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Top Apps for the Month of February/March


The rise of the smart phone era has been able to provide consumers with simple, fast and effective ways of using technology. As our phones get smarter day by day, people are clung to smart apps to make their daily life simpler. While some apps are for entertainment purposes, others tend to solve problems or to add value to their existing customers. Either way, apps are becoming the future that one did not predict a decade back. Apps from around the globe have been of great help to every smart phone user. However there are many Nepali Apps that have been making their way into users and leavi...
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Introducing AppKosh


One good look at Kathmandu Valley startup scenario and it won’t take long enough to realize that huge section of the ecosystem is revolved around Android apps development. And why should it not? Android has become the easiest platform to reach the global market. As of 2015, 1 billion plus android devices have been registered and Google Play Store will generate $ 4.8 Billion in revenue in just 1st quarter of 2015 alone. With these numbers only increasing, Android does look a compelling market. Even in our domestic market as of November 2013, Android had 81.9% of the market share and sm...
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